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Video Director 


RAGE - Top 50 Best Music Videos 2018

NIMAs "Best Music Video", Nomination 2018

Art Gallery of NSW , Screening 2021
Mardi Gras, Screening 2021

Berlin Music Video Awards, Screening 2017

Next Wave Festival, Screening 2016

Filmography -

Gordi , "Grass is Blue

Bakers Eddy "My Baby's Like Cigarettes" 

Bakers Eddy "Concertina" 

Yen Strange "Donnie Darko

Alice Skye "Party Tricks

Alice Skye "Stay in Bed

Alice Skye "Grand Ideas"

June Jones "Therapy

Amyl & The Sniffers "Got You

RVG "Alexandra

Den "Eclipse

Elizabeth "Beautiful Baby

Hexdebt "Jobhaus

Nat Conway "So Loud" 

Rebel Yell "Pressure Drop​" 

Rebel Yell " High Authority

Various Asses "Down , Down

Suss Cunts "Shit Friend

Pillow Pro "Deadbeat

Orlando Furious "Fresh

All Music Videos here


VICE Magazine  : Contributor

iD Magazine  :  Contributor

Also published by : Sydney Opera House , Swampland Magazine & more.


Archer Magazine
Clipped TV 


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